Careers and Further Studies Committee

Vision and Missions
Preparing today's students for tomorrow's world
  • We empower students to be their best self and to boost their confidence.
  • We encourage students to be innovative to find out their paths and to be brave to achieve their goals. We motivate students to get inspired and to push their limits.
  • We guide students to focus on their goals. We also remind students to think of others and to emphasize the importance of teamwork.
Our Team
Ms. Cheung Suk Man
(Careers Mistress)
Mr. Chau Chun Sing
Mr. Hui Ming Chun Ms. Hui Mei Yee
Mr. Li Ka Hong Mr. Kwong Chun Yu
Ms. Sin Cheuk Man Ms. Tam Tsz Tim
Ms. Wong Ming Ling Mr. Yu Cho Fai

To adopt Hong Kong Benchmarks to build quality Career and Life Development (CLD) provisions:

  • To guide students to discover their competence, interests, value, attitude, skills, knowledge (VASK) and expanded notion of work (ENOW) for developing their personal goals and career roadmaps.
  • To expose students to a wider range of careers
  • To inform students, parents and teachers about the latest information about multiple pathways
  • To help students ease the transition from secondary school to post-secondary studies/ and careers by infusing CLD elements in their curriculum learning
  • To liaise partnership with alumni, tertiary institutions and non-government organizations to organize career-related experiences to students
  • To build sustainable whole school CLD provisions

The Hong Kong Benchmarks ("HKBM") is a systematic framework serving as self-improvement tool for schools to strengthen career & life development provisions in a consistent and holistic manner. The HKBM consisting of 10 benchmarks, was co-created with CLAP's Global Advisor Sir John Holman, author of the UK's Gatsby Benchmarks. These benchmarks are of world-class standards and yet relevant to the contextual characteristics in Hong Kong local setting. The HKBM Pilot was launched in 6 network schools with diverse background in September 2019.