Careers and Further Studies Committee

Programme Plan
Our Team
Ms. Cheung Suk Man Mr. Ching Yuk Cheong
Mr. Chiu Kit Chau Mr. Kwong Chun Yu
Ms. Law Ka Wai Mr. Chau Chun Sing
Mr. Tse Chung Man Ms. Hui Mei Yee
Ms. Wong Hang Sim Ms. Wong Yuk Ying
(Careers Mistress)
Our Aims
  • We aim to help our students, irrespective of their abilities, interests, levels of study and orientations to
    • understand themselves so that they can plan their subject choices (for junior secondary students) and choices on further studies and future careers (for senior secondary students) with greater confidence
    • make INFORMED and responsible choices for choosing senior secondary subject options (junior secondary students), further studies and future careers (senior secondary students) in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientations
    • apply the acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to formulate, manage and review their personal plans.
    • develop positive attitudes towards work and learning
    • integrate their academic and career aspirations with whole-person development and in the long run, able to adapt to the transition from school to work and to keep learning throughout lifetime